Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Layers and Layers of Papers

Happy Wednesday everyone,
Today has been a bright and sunny day, so I decided to create a card with a beautiful sunflower on it. As you may notice, I love Magnolia Stamps and the little girl, Tilda. This company creates a line of rubber stamps that centers around Tilda and Edwin, their pets, their adventures and their surroundings.  I would have all of their stamps if I could afford them, but the ones I do have really make me happy. Especially since I use them quite often to practice coloring and blending colors with my Copic Markers.

For this card, Tilda with Sunflower, I started with a pre-embossed base card and layered five different prints and solids of scrapbook and art papers. I stamped the Magnolia stamp of Tilda and her flower on watercolor paper. If you have ever used Copic markers before, you know that they are an alcohol based art marker that will bleed through many papers.  The watercolor paper is a bit thicker than regular card stock and the alcohol ink does not bleed through quite as much. When you are blending the copic colors, the watercolor paper absorbs quite a bit of ink, but it gives quite a crisp detail to the image. I also stamped a great saying stamp by Amuse Art stamps.

I then started building layers of papers, solids and prints alike, to fill in the front of the card. I love going to to see what other fans of these cutie-pie stamps have done with them. Other Magnolia fans decorate their cards with all sorts of flowers and ribbons and many, many embellishments which make very beautiful cards. Mine are just a little simpler.

Get out and enjoy the sunshine if you can, and remember my wish for you; "may your days be filled with sparkles and sunshine"!

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