Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Butterflies are Free!

Hi friends,
Today's post is about the difference colors make when adding color to an image. I have printed out an image of a butterfly that I liked, and mounted it on two different card stock bases, one pink, the other red.

I took my Copic Markers and started coloring in the first one with blues, greens, and pinks, all in cool shades of the colors.  With the second butterfly image, I took the warm colors of  yellow, orange. and red and colored in the image. You can see the difference in the feel of the cards, just because of the colors I used to tint them.

Many artists use a color wheel when being creative, to help them with their color selections and providing them with color suggestions of what colors go well with other colors. I usually just use my "gut feelings" when coloring an image, and sometimes it looks good and other times it doesn't.  That is why I am trying to learn more about color, and how to use the color wheel when blending colors on a work of art.

Some people say they cannot do art because they don't know what colors to put together, and don't know how to draw and consider perspective. I am here to tell you there are many tools out there, and even here on the web, to help you learn more about these techniques.  So don't use that as an excuse, just get a few basic supplies together and "jump in", or do a little research on the web so you will feel more comfortable when trying a new form of Art. Art is proven to lessen stress, and will make you feel a whole lot better!  See you again soon!

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