Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You Are ONE of a Kind !

Greetings fellow Paper Artists!
Today's post is a beautiful heart card done in the folded paper technique of Iris Folding.

I have always loved the look of this ancient art of paper folding, but have never had time to try it. I saw a video of it done on the Paper Wishes webisode several weeks ago, and decided to send off for the template they sell. It is called Teresa's Iris Folding template #1 by Hot Off the Press and Paper Wishes. (photo of template shown below)  As far as I know, there are many folding patterns and designs you can use. HOTP and Teresa Welch have simplified the process and brought together a template that shows a basic folding pattern, and several designs that you can fill to make a beautiful card or scrapbook embellishment.

First, you trace and cut out the shape you want to fill on the front of your card base. You then turn the card over and temporarily tape it to the layout pattern, centering the pattern on your cut out.(as seen below)  You then pick two or four coordinating pattern papers to make your design.

You then cut out strips of paper, the size is in the directions, and fold them where indicated. Then you start placing them around the guide in numerical order as shown on the template. This is much easier to follow from the instructions, rather than me telling or showing you. Each strip of paper is taped down with cellophane tape to the base of the card. When all of the strips have been placed and taped as per the diagram, you trim the excess paper strip ends and cover the back of the design with a piece of cover stock sealing in all of the pieces of paper. To finish my card, I taped around the edges with a printed washi tape to seal in my strips of paper. I then  outlined the heart with a fine line of Dazzles, also made by Hot Off the Press for Paper Wishes. My banner sentiment is from the HOTP clear stamp set titled Heart to Heart, and I just cut a simple banner shape and inked the edges with a lime green chalk ink pad to correspond to the patterned papers I used in the heart.
This card was a lot of fun to make, and the Iris Folding was not as hard as I expected it to be. The template came with a butterfly and a flower shape to fill, so I may try these at a future time. I hope you will try something new in your paper arts and stamping, and until next time, have a "Love"-ly Day!

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  1. Mindy,
    I've been sick! I have been missing your posts. I am glad I am catching up finally. I love iris folding! It is such a fun craft. I have lots of kits from Hanko. Very relaxing.