Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alcohol Ink Layering on Glass

This is an ink layering technique I taught several years ago at Stamp Antonio, my  local rubber stamp store.

To start this project, get an inexpensive photo frame with a piece of glass in it. I like to shop the dollar stores for this type of frame, especially while I am practicing this inking technique.

The first step is to take a rubber stamp, and stamp it onto a piece of card stock the same size as your glass and frame.

Take the glass from your frame, and clean it with soap and water, or window cleaner to remove fingerprints and any foreign residue. Then take the glass, and drop multiple drops of alcohol ink reinkers on the glass. Then add several drops of the alcohol extender to your alcohol applicator and pounce it up and down on top of the color droplets to mix the colors up.(in other words, fill the glass with color.)  This alcohol ink dries almost immediately, so work quickly.  If you don't like what you have done, you can always put some of the extender on the glass and rub it off with a cloth or paper towel.  Keep the image you have stamped close-by so you can remember where  to leave the color a little lighter. For example, in the picture above  I left the colors light in the middle of the glass where the facial features of the stamp would show. I cannot tell you how much ink to use, that is something you will just have to play with and use your own judgement as to how you want your finished picture to look. The extender thins out the alcohol ink, so if you want your colors lighter, use the "light" line of alcohol inks or just a small amount of the regular alcohol inks. 

When you get your glass like you want it, you can then place your stamped piece on top (next to the ink) and enclose it in the frame, for a beautiful framed piece.  If you place the inked side of the glass on the outside, it might get scratched off, if your picture falls off the wall.

Once you master this technique, you can use it to make all kinds of jewelry, charms, wind chimes, sun catchers, and wall art.  If you want the sun or light to shine through the picture, be sure to stamp your image on a transparent medium, like plastic, vellum, or even another layer of glass.  Then when you hang it the light will shine through just like stained glass. Have fun creating, and I will be back with you soon.

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  1. Cool project, Mindy! I need to use my alcohol inks more often.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog and sharing your own experience. That is pretty funny that you have so many layouts without pictures...I completely understand. Maybe one day you will add pictures or perhaps you can just add some collages or art to those spaces.

    Thanks again and see you soon!