Monday, July 9, 2012

"Good Friend" Collage Card

Good Day, friends! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I know I sure did. Today I am starting on a month of serious card making. This is one busy birthday month for friends and family.

I am starting with a card for a good friend. This card starts with a 5inch square card base of watercolor paper.I then attached a 4 1/2 inch square of self adhesive cork paper. I purchased a roll of it at the Container Store several years ago, and I guess it's obvious purpose was for kitchen shelf liner. I thought it would be nice for a unique card surface.  Last week I picked up an issue of the Stampers Sampler Magazine at Stamp Antonio Arts, and in it were several cards made using this thin cork product. In some of their samples, they stamped directly on the cork with their rubber stamp. I layered several designs of printed papers on top of the cork, before stamping on the Manila tag in the top left corner.

I then added another layer of the cork, below the thin lavender ribbon. I then stapled the entire cork panel to the front of the card using my "Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher" in all four corners and at the end of the ribbon strip. I also stapled a tiny lavender bow to the top of the "sing" tag. To finish the card I tied a piece of ribbon through the hole in the manilla tag assembly, and stamped my phrase on the tag.

Now I just need to go find or make a square envelope for this card, before I can mail it. A square card costs more to mail than the regular size greeting cards, so I may have to make a trip out to the post office before it starts raining again.  Have a great day, and see you soon!


  1. Mindy, Great collage! It's uncanny, but I think I have some of that scrapbook paper you used--I think it has names of flowers on it? I found some last night when I was looking for gardening papers. And I also bought that issue of Stamper's Sampler. I love the cork ideas, especially the western one with three little "inchies". I love the Canvas Corps products--lots of "natural" stuff to work with. I also liked the little art cards with the hangers on them--great idea to stamp on the seam binding. I think that issue is full of great ideas I might want to try!

    1. Thanks,
      You probably do have some of that paper, since it was from K&Company. I love the designs Brenda Walton used to do for them, and collected lots of her products from Scrapbook Heaven, back in the day. Talk to you soon.