Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful for Tags on Tuesday!

Thank Goodness it's Tuesday! No more Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, just regular everyday Tuesday; just in time for more Tags!
Only one more post of Holiday Tag Project after this one. After making 25 for the Church Christmas tree, I was sure I was going to have nightmares of tags, but you know what, they were really fun.  My kind of project, simple, easy to make, doesn't take much time or supplies, and can have different designs and themes.

After they were all on the tree, I really kind of missed them. So much in fact that I came home and made some again for my personal gift giving. They are great for using up bits and pieces of papers, ribbons, punchings, odds and ends of ephemera, and practice coloring pieces of stamps and print images. As I was digging through my bits and left overs, I kept finding more and more colored images to put in my "scrap" book. It's not a typical scrapbook, with full page layouts with pictures and journaling. It's an actual scrappy little book, made from envelopes bound together in book form. Each envelope contains images of a theme, such as animals, flowers, words, people, art, and so on. It was pretty overstuffed before this tag project came along, I used a lot of the images.  But as I said, found more images as I dug through my boxes of scraps.

Looking through many blogs this weekend, I found where several artists were making their own advent calendars using decorated tags. This would be lots of fun with tags like these, and I may try one next year for a friend that still has small children. I guess it would even be fun for a "Luv Calendar" for your spouse or partner for Valentines Day or before an anniversary. You could put little love notes on each one, to remind them how special they are!  Hmmmmm! Valentine idea swirlling around in my head!  Let's write that one down!  

Enjoy your week, and come visit with me again soon.

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