Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving, to one and All!  Today is the day we congregate with family and friends to be thankful for everything we have been blessed with. Some celebrate with BIG meals, others watching the parades and sporting games.  Some even celebrate by shopping and fighting the unruly crowds at many an ungodly time! This year I am sleeping late, watching a little of the parade, and grabbing a "turkey snack". In the afternoon, instead of watching the games, I may visit some friends, then come home and work on my Christmas cards.

Since today is Thursday, here is another installment of the "Hope for the Holidays" tags I made.
Wednesday I delivered the tags I made, and we stuffed the gift cards inside them all, and hung them on the tree. Tomorrow the families will get to choose their tag after the meal.  I hope everyone involved in the project felt as blessed as I did, seeing all the tags together, they were so beautiful!

Happy Holidays to ALL!  Stay safe and celebrate responsibly this year!

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  1. Mindy,
    I have really enjoyed your tag posts! Very cute and colorful these are! I am sure the recipients did enjoy the tags. They must be spectacular in "person". Thanks for sharing your creativity!