Sunday, February 17, 2013

Decorated Notebook Journal

Hello fellow Paper Artists.
I have been under the weather for the last few days, and haven't felt like crafting or posting. Oh My! I am much better today and have a really cute journal to show you, that I made recently.

I used one of the black and white cover writing notebooks that you can get almost everywhere now a days, grocery store, pharmacy, or office supply store.  I covered the front and back with scrapbook paper (a very pretty oriental print) using red-line tape (double stick craft tape) and a little bit of dot adhesive.  I put the red line tape around all of the edges so they would really stick well, and a little of the dot adhesive in the middle of the paper, all to make sure it didn't buckle the paper. When I got the paper positioned like I wanted it, I left a 1/2"  to 3/4" border all around the three open edges to fold inside the cover and anchor there.

Next, I stamped one of the Oriental Ladies stamp from Stamp Zia, and colored the image in with my copic markers. I then attached this to the top right corner of my journal with some of the red-line tape.(It is called red-line or magic tape because it has a red liner of plastic attached to one side of the sticky tape, so you only have to adhere one side at a time then pull off the "red liner" to expose the other sticky side of the tape. I hope that made sense.)

Sometimes I also cover the inside of the cover with a paper, just to finish it off and keep the raw edges from getting loose. But when I used the red-line tape I have no fear of it coming loose, because the red-line tape is very strong and is NOT repositionable. Sorry, that is the only downfall of the product. You'd better be sure where you want it before you glue it down with the red-line tape. Once it is stuck. . . . it's STUCK! 

I hope you have enjoyed this project today. It is something a little different from card making, but it does fall within the boundaries of my blog, Paper & Ink. Have a good evening, and I will see you again soon.

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  1. Mindy, this is a very lovely notebook you made. I am so glad you are feeling better. There is certainly something bad in the air.