Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Butterfly Love

Hello fellow bloggers,
Summer is busting out all over, here in South Texas.  The temperature is near 100 degrees, and the humidity is close to 100% which makes for sweltering days!  I was outdoors for just a few moments this evening, and saw a beautiful butterfly dancing across my one flowering geranium plant, and I thought about this beautiful card I made over the weekend.

It was very easy to assemble, just a red metallic card base with a strip of beige embossed scrapbook paper from the Mariposa paper line glued across the side. I used my 3cornered decorative corner punch from Fiskers to punch the four corners of the strip.  I then taped and tied a length of red gingham ribbon around the front flap of the card.  The bracketed embellishment was cut from another page of the same Mariposa paper pack and pop-dotted to the top left corner. To complete the front of the card, I stamped the sentiment " I love you more than . . . " which is an AMuse artstamp in the lower right corner.

Butterflies and flowers are a beautiful sign of summer. I hope this card has inspired you to get outdoors and have some fun this summer, but if it is as hot where you live, as it is here where I do, get out your stamps and ink and printed papers and make a few wonderful cards to brighten your day!  Have fun, and I'll talk to you again soon.

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