Friday, May 17, 2013

Relax, Take It Easy, Let Yourself Go!

Happy Friday Everyone!  I posted on Wednesday that today's post was going to be special, something that has been a long time in the making, and I wasn't kidding!

Several months ago I broke down and purchased one of the Art Journals that Ranger makes, just like the one Dyan Reaveley uses with her Dylusions Ink. I thought this would help me in journaling my thoughts, and help me try out products to see what they can do.  I stared at the blank book for weeks and weeks, before finally jumping right in and smearing some ink on a page.  I worked on one double page layout for weeks, letting the various layers of paint, gesso, and glue dry well.

Then it finally hit me!  You don't have to concentrate on one single page until it is done!  Now I have 6 or 7 pages started with backgrounds, and each day I have time to work in it, I add a little something to the pages I have started.  Wednesday I finally completed one page, and here it is in all it's glory!  Taa Daa!

I know it may not be exactly what I had in mind when I began, but I have to remember that " I am still a work in progress!"  I learn something new everyday, and that is really all that life is about.  AND, that is what this journal is all about! 

Learning new things, trying out new products, and creating something that speaks to me.

Sharing it on my blog will also give me the opportunity to receive constructive criticism from my bloggie friends and help me produce pages that I know will speak to others, too.  So feel free to share your comments with me, but just remember I am NOT a professional artist, I do this for fun and my own personal enjoyment. I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive weekend.  Stay safe, and if you get the chance, "Create a  little something that makes you HAPPY!"



  1. Mindy now that you've marked in your book and starting playing you are going to have so much fun letting loose!I know yours is much more than a "SMASH" book however I've been saving bits & pieces to put in a SMASH book. Having moved my arts & crafts supplies here and there, I realize I have way to much to put in a smash book. I'm going to make my own book! Also, I'll never, yes never, get my things in any kind of date order. I think I'll collage many items together and see how it all comes together. First I have a few cards to make, a giraffe to paint and draw an alternate universe. Have fun! Let yourself go!!!

  2. Oh Mindy, this is absolutely fabulous!! Your art journal page is gorgeous!! I love the design and the colors!! I would love to know if the flowers are a stencil...I would love to have a hibiscus stencil!! You did an amazing job my friend!! Working in art journals is so relaxing and I truly feel like I'm creating art while I'm doing it!! This is amazing!! Happy Saturday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts